Thanks for the clean-up – no thanks for rubbish!

    Thanks for the clean-up – no thanks for rubbish!

    Thanks for the clean-up – no thanks for rubbish!

    Tuesday 18 October 2016

    West Somerset Council is urging people to respect the environment and dispose of litter responsibly in a district renowned for its natural beauty.

    The council is making the plea after volunteers from the group Surfers Against Sewage made a clean sweep of Minehead beach, recently.

    But, as well as finding the usual beach detritus, they picked up armloads of empty beer cans and empty glass wine and spirit bottles that had clearly been dumped on the stretch of sand beyond Seaward Way. Bins are available nearby on The Esplanade.

    The rubbish had clearly been left by people who had either taken drinks down to the beach and left the empties, or deliberately dumped.

    “There’s no excuse for this,” said Cllr Martin Dewdney, the council’s Lead Member for the Environment. “There are bins on The Esplanade – or they could have taken their rubbish home and disposed of it properly – much could have been recycled.

    “We are very grateful for the volunteers who rolled up their sleeves – they enjoy using the beach and give up their time to give something back to the environment and the community.

    “I am glad people use the beach – but it’s not much to ask them to make sure they leave only footprints in the sand.”



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