Taunton Deane-West Somerset partnership update

    Taunton Deane-West Somerset partnership update

    Taunton Deane-West Somerset partnership update

    Wednesday 20 July 2016

    West Somerset Council’s meeting scheduled for July 26 to discuss the Business Case for future working has been postponed until September 7. But the meeting of Taunton Deane Borough Council will go ahead as planned on Tuesday July 26.

    West Somerset Council’s Leader, Cllr Anthony Trollope-Bellew has requested more time to discuss the proposals with fellow councillors and will be meeting with them on July 26. This will be a private and informal meeting.

    Taunton Deane Borough Council’s Leader, Cllr John Williams, will be taking the Business case to council and will recommend that the two authorities merge.

    Cllr Williams believes West Somerset is not sustainable due to its financial position and that a merger would bring significant savings. He is prepared to forego the sovereignty of Taunton Deane in the best interests of the wider community as the money saved will feed directly into the front line services that we are committed to deliver.

    He will also recommend that Taunton Deane presses ahead with “transformation” – modernising and streamlining the council to make it more customer-focused and cost-efficient.

    If West Somerset Council decides to take a different route at its meeting on September 7, Cllr Williams will tell his members that the two authorities should go their separate ways and follow their own agendas.

    The papers for Taunton Deane’s full council meeting will be published online – www.tauntondeane.gov.uk – shortly.


    Released jointly on behalf of Taunton Deane Borough Council and West Somerset Council


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