Switch energy suppliers and save £££s

    Switch energy suppliers and save £££s

    Switch energy suppliers and save £££s

    Monday 15 August 2016

    As the nights start drawing in, heralding the approach of autumn, residents in West Somerset could make some big energy savings as temperatures start to fall.

    The Big Energy Switch is launching again and residents who want to change their energy supplier are being urged to register now.

    It’s a simple process – and could result in significant savings for the household budget. In the last round in May, around 200 residents registered with the scheme and enjoyed an average £140 a year in savings.

    One Williton resident has reported that the community switch has saved their household more than £400 a year – almost £10 a week.

    Cllr David Westcott, the council’s lead member for communities, said: “It’s good to hear how easy the process has been for local people to make significant savings on their energy bills.

    “I want to encourage others to sign up this time so when the very welcome free warmth of summer ends heating your home is as affordable as possible.”

    Although standard energy prices have fallen over recent months, more savings can be made by switching to the collective scheme: the typical cost of a standard tariff from one of the “Big Six” energy companies is £1,100 a year but the collective scheme works out at around £723 a year.

    It’s also advisable to make the switch before the coldest time of year when energy use inevitably increases.

    The process is simple - and there is no obligation to proceed - but more than 500,000 households across the UK have already.  You can register online here: www.westsomersetonline.gov.uk/energyswitch or call the Customer Services team on 01643 703704. You will need to have your annual fuel statement or recent energy bills to hand.

    Those on pre-payment meters can also switch, as long as they are not more than £500 in debt with their current supplier.

    How does the scheme work?

    The person responsible for the energy bill registers - details needed will be on the annual fuel statement or recent set of fuel bills. When registration closes the energy companies are asked to make their best offer. The lowest offer wins.

    The details of the offer are sent to each person who has registered along with an option to switch to the deal offered.

    The contract offered will be with the winning supplier, for a minimum of 12 months, at a fixed rate. Residents are able to switch away from their tariff within the 12 months if they want to – as with any other tariff. If this is in the last 30 days then this usually doesn’t incur an exit fee. However if they wanted to switch away sooner then they may be subject to an exit fee. This is the same as all fixed term contracts. The timetable is below.

    Scheme launched - full registration 10 August
    Last day to register 10 October
    Extended registration deadline (for on-line registration only) 28 November
    Auction takes place 11 October
    Personal offers made to residents 24 October
    Last day to accept offer 29 November



    Debbie Rundle, on behalf of West Somerset Council,01984 635280 or 01823 356407 or 07714 759899 email d.rundle@tauntondeane.gov.uk