Stay clear of the cliffs

    Stay clear of the cliffs

    Stay clear of the cliffs

    Tuesday 09 February 2016

    People are being warned to stay well clear of cliffs at Blue Anchor on the West Somerset coast after torrential rain, strong tides and gale force winds sent rocks and debris crashing on to the beach.

    A series of winter storms, culminating in Storm Imogen on Monday, has destabilised this already fragile section of coast with rainwater pouring through the cliffs, loosening boulders.

    West Somerset Council is advising people to be extremely careful if walking or fishing in the area, especially when the tide is coming in.

    Photos taken during an inspection on Monday show a number of recent cliff falls and the effect of water gushing through the cliff face.

    “We do have signs up warning of potential rock falls but the recent storms mean we need to reinforce sensible safety advice,” said Cllr Martin Dewdney, West Somerset Council’s lead member for the environment.

    “It’s not so much of a problem at low tide when walkers can give the cliffs a wide berth but when the tide starts coming is when problems might happen. I would advise people to heed the advice and avoid getting too near the cliff face.”



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