Sign up now for garden waste collection

    Sign up now for garden waste collection

    Sign up now for garden waste collection

    Tuesday 09 February 2016

    Love gardening but dislike the time, mess and cost of taking garden waste to the recycling site?

    The fast, clean and cost effective alternative is a subscription to West Somerset Council's efficient garden waste collection service.

    A roomy wheeled bin is easy to fill, saving time and energy walking around your garden, and it holds the waste neatly in a corner with no mess blowing in the wind.

    Wheel your bin outside to be emptied every fortnight while you sit back and smell the roses instead of exhaust fumes on the way to the recycling site.

    We collect flowers, plants, grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, almost all weeds, and even branches up to four inches across, and compost them in Somerset.

    “At little more than £1 a week, this is a cost effective option for gardeners,” said Cllr Martin Dewdney, West Somerset Council’s lead member for the environment. “The collected material is composted and transformed into a useful soil conditioner – a true example of waste not, want not.”

    Reminder letters have gone to past subscribers. New subscribers should visit or call customer services on 01643 703704.

    Subscriptions last 12 months from 1 March with a single-collection Christmas break, and the non-refundable payment for that year is the same whenever you join.

    Sign up now for 2016-17 for just £53 with a wheeled bin or order tough but compostable paper sacks that are available at £25 for a pack of 10 until 31 March 2016. As from 1 April 2016 a pack of 10 sacks will cost £26.

    The garden waste collection service is a subscription-based scheme so only those who subscribe can benefit from collections.  In recent years, collection charges have been increased so they progressively recover more of the costs of this subsidised service.



    Debbie Rundle, on behalf of West Somerset Council,01984 635280 or 01823 356407 email