Quay Street works

    Quay Street works

    Quay Street works

    Friday 27 May 2016

    Essential maintenance work on a steep hillside above Quay Street in Minehead is due to start on Monday June 20.

    Contractors working on behalf of West Somerset Council will be removing rock, dead trees and pruning live trees following inspections that confirmed the work needed to be done. The work is required to mitigate the potential impact on properties below the hill.

    Reaching the site is difficult as it is a near-vertical slope immediately above properties. This means that part of Quay Street will need to be closed to traffic for approximately three weeks to allow safe access for the contractors. The road closure will operate between 9.30am and 4.30pm on weekdays only.

    The road will remain open to pedestrians but there may be short periods when walkers will have to wait to get access for safety reasons as heavy machinery will be operating.

    The Council is working with the emergency services to ensure contingency plans are in place if any of the blue-light services need access quickly.

    Quay West car park will be closed from June 13 as the space will be needed as a works and welfare compound for the contractors. The men’s conveniences will be closed but the ladies’ loos will remain open to the public.

    Alternative parking arrangements are being put in place for directly affected properties in Quay Street and Quay West.

    The work is being scheduled now as it avoids the high summer season – school holidays – and takes maximum advantage of the likelihood of fine weather. Local residents and businesses are being kept fully informed and will be updated as the work progresses.

    Most of the land is owned the local authority and has been maintained by the council. Past work has included installing “catch fences” to deflect any falling rock and shale and “catch nets” to hold debris.

    Recent inspections by experts have shown that the nets need emptying and fixings need attention. Some dead trees need to be tackled as well.

    Leader of the Council, Cllr Anthony Trollope-Bellew, said: “The Council is aware that this essential work will cause some disruption locally but it really is important that it is done now. We are working closely with affected residents and businesses, as well as our partners including Somerset Highways, Police and other emergency services.

    “We will ensure that a level of access along Quay Street is maintained for essential users.  We are doing our utmost to minimise disturbance and provide as much up-to-date information as possible for those affected both before and during the works.”



    Debbie Rundle, on behalf of West Somerset Council,01984 635280 or 01823 356407 email d.rundle@tauntondeane.gov.uk