Please keep away from cliffs

    Please keep away from cliffs

    Please keep away from cliffs

    Friday 08 April 2016

    Exceptionally high spring tides, coupled with gale-force winds, have combined to rip a vital public safety sign from sea defences at Blue Anchor in West Somerset.

    Signs warning people to stay away from the cliffs because of rock falls were put up earlier this year – but one has now been ripped from heavy duty bolts. The sign at the slipway weathered the storm.

    New signs will be put up but, in the meantime, West Somerset Council would warn people to steer clear of the cliffs and, if walking on the beach, to stay on the sand strip.

    Walkers should also make sure they follow the official cliff-top footpath diversion signs rather than venture near the cliff edge.


    Attached is a photo of the sign showing the damage caused by the force of the wind and waves


    Debbie Rundle, on behalf of West Somerset Council,01984 635280 or 01823 356407 email