Leader highlights concern

    Leader highlights concern

    Leader highlights concern

    Friday 29 July 2016

    LEADER of West Somerset Council, Anthony Trollope-Bellew, has highlighted his concern for local small businesses and the community following the Government’s decision to review the Hinkley Point C contractual agreements.

    West Somerset is the host authority for the proposed new nuclear power station and, having received support from the Council, dozens of local firms are lined up ready to supply goods and services to the project.

    Local communities who will be affected by the impacts of the project also continue to face uncertainty over the duration and timetable for the project and some of the key infrastructure needed to facilitate the build at HPC.

    Cllr Trollope-Bellew, who welcomed EDF Energy’s Final Investment decision (FID) on Hinkley Point C on Thursday, said he understood the Government’s position.

    “It’s absolutely right that the relevant parts of Cabinet satisfy themselves that the basis of the agreements are sound,” he said. “But I would urge Government to make the decision as soon as possible for the sake of the many small businesses that are waiting to support the project and the communities that are already being affected.

    “The Council has been working alongside a host of partners, including EDF Energy, to ensure that the area is ready to host the project and that our businesses and communities are well placed to take advantage of the huge opportunity. We are already seeing local companies winning contracts; local people benefiting from training and employment opportunities, gaining qualifications – everything that will come once the project really gets going will add real value to the local economy for years to come.”