Fossil hunters risking their lives

    Fossil hunters risking their lives

    Fossil hunters risking their lives

    Wednesday 24 February 2016

    Fossil hunters are putting their lives at risk as they try to extract the prehistoric relics from unstable cliffs on the West Somerset coast.

    Despite warnings from West Somerset Council and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) fossil collectors are ignoring the advice.

    Council officials have spoken to people using heavy hammers on cliffs at Blue Anchor - now increasingly dangerous after a series of winter storms – but have been ignored.

    Rocks have continued to fall from the cliffs and a number of trees on the coastal crest are in imminent danger of crashing down, destabilising the land still further.

    The council is now warning people that individuals must be responsible for their own safety and to heed the advice keep well clear of the cliffs

    Walkers are also being advised to keep to the existing permissive path that avoids the cliff edge. The new stretch of coastal path from Grey Rock to Blue Anchor remains closed and signs are up advising people they cannot venture along that section.

    “I would advise people to take notice of the advice and avoid getting too near the cliff face,” said Cllr Martin Dewdney, Lead Member for Environment at West Somerset Council.

    “We, and other agencies, cannot make the point too strongly that safety is paramount. It may be tempting to go fossil-hunting – but please don’t take the risk.”



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