Blue Anchor slipway

    Blue Anchor slipway

    Blue Anchor slipway

    Friday 10 February 2017

    The seashore slipway at Blue Anchor is having to be closed to public access with immediate effect because of concerns over its stability. But access to the beach is being maintained via steps just a few metres away.

    West Somerset Council has reluctantly had to take action as the slipway has taken a battering from bad weather – gales and heavy seas – and is now considered a potential hazard. It has been fenced off and warning signs put up to make sure people do not try to use the slipway and put themselves at risk.

    People wanting to reach the beach can still do so but will have to use steps located either side of the slipway. Council staff have visited local businesses to make them aware of the closure.

    Cllr Martin Dewdney, West Somerset Council’s lead member for the environment, said: “I am sure people will appreciate that we have to make public safety our priority and will understand that closing the slipway is essential.”

    The public are also being reminded to keep clear of the cliffs at Blue Anchor. The shoreline is subject to cliff falls, due to the nature of the rock and soil. Signs are in place to advise people to stay away from the cliff faces if they are using the beach.



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