Big Community Switch - reminder

    Big Community Switch - reminder

    Big Community Switch - reminder

    Thursday 10 March 2016

    West Somerset residents are being reminded they could potentially save money if they switch energy suppliers.

    Those who changed earlier this year will be saving, on average, £320 a year.

    A card with details on how they can join the Big Community Switch is being sent with all Council Tax bills issued by the council this month.

    Changing energy providers often saves money but this can be complex with multiple suppliers and tariffs to choose from. Most people stick with their supplier rather than switch to a cheaper one.

    West Somerset Council is offering residents the opportunity to switch fuel providers easily to save money and tackle fuel poverty.

    The process is simple and there is no obligation to go proceed but more than 500,000 households across the UK have already.  You can register online here: or call the Customer Services team on 01643 703704. You will need to have your annual fuel statement or recent energy bills to hand.

    Those on pre-payment meters can also switch, as long as they are not more than £500 in debt with their current supplier.



    Debbie Rundle, on behalf of West Somerset Council,01984 635280 or 01823 356407 email