Big Community Switch – deadline February 1

    Big Community Switch – deadline February 1

    Big Community Switch – deadline February 1

    Tuesday 19 January 2016

    Is the cold snap biting? Do you want to save money on your gas and electricity bills? Then switching supplier may help.

    Changing energy providers often saves money but this can be complex with multiple suppliers and tariffs to choose from. Most people stick with their supplier rather than switching to a cheaper one.

    West Somerset Council is working in partnership with iChoosr to offer residents the opportunity to switch fuel providers easily to save money and tackle fuel poverty. The deadline for registering for the current round of deals is February 1.

    iChoosr is expert in group buying, and since 2012 more than 160 councils across Britain have started to run similar schemes. Those who have signed-up in West Somerset have saved between £60 and £250 a year, with an average saving of £125 per household.

    On behalf of the residents iChoosr invites energy companies to bid their best tariff based on the number of people who have registered an interest.  After the closing date iChoosr sends a personal offer to each resident who can decide whether to switch. It is free to take part and there is no obligation to switch.

    You can register your interest online or in person through West Somerset Council – there’s more information here:

    Those on pre-payment meters can also switch, as long as they are not more than £500 in debt with their current supplier.

    How does the scheme work?

    The person responsible for the energy bill registers - details needed will be on the annual fuel statement or recent set of fuel bills. When registration closes the energy companies are asked to make their best offer. The lowest offer wins.

    The details of the offer are sent to each person who has registered along with an option to switch to the deal offered.

    The contract offered will be with the winning supplier, for a minimum of 12 months, at a fixed rate. Residents are able to switch away from their tariff within the 12 months if they want to – as with any other tariff. If this is in the last 30 days then this usually doesn’t incur an exit fee. However if they wanted to switch away sooner then they may be subject to an exit fee. This is the same as all fixed term contracts.



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