Annual canvass

    Annual canvass

    Annual canvass

    Friday 21 October 2016

    Have you returned your Household Enquiry Form? It is an annual legal requirement for Councils to make sure that the details on the electoral register are correct for each person in every household; even if you have told us you do not wish to vote.

    Many residents have returned their forms, but some are still outstanding. If you live in Taunton Deane or West Somerset, the forms need to be returned to the councils’ joint electoral services team. 

    The forms are simple to fill in and can be completed online – details of how to do this are on the form. Residents can also opt to fill in the paper form and post it in the pre-paid envelope, or return them to the councils’ offices in Taunton (the Deane House) and Williton (West Somerset House).

    The canvass allows residents to make any changes to their details – such as a change of address. On your electoral registration form you can opt to have your details excluded from the open register. This will mean your details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

    The law says that we have to make individual personal visits to those properties who have not returned their forms.  That’s why you will be seeing Electoral Services canvassers in your neighbourhood during October and November.

    They will ask the householder to confirm the details held on the current Register of Electors and if no one is home they will post a calling card, asking you to complete your form. This is a costly way of collecting your details, so do not delay and return your form as soon as possible.  All canvassers will have official ID, so if you are unsure, please ask to see their ID. 


    Released jointly on behalf of Taunton Deane Borough Council and West Somerset Council


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