Street Naming and Numbering

The Council has a duty under the Public Health Act 1925 for the naming and numbering of new developments and renaming of properties.

For further details please see the relevant sections.

The address of a property is becoming a very important issue. Organisations such as Royal Mail, the utilities, delivery companies, emergency services and the general public need an efficient and accurate means of locating and referencing properties.  Without a correct registered address it can also be difficult to open bank accounts and obtain credit etc.  You can check your registered address on the Royal Mail website –

If your address is correct on the Royal Mail website and you are experiencing problems with mail delivery you should contact Royal Mail customer services.  Please note that some delivery problems are as a result of not displaying the correct property number and/or name prominently on the property – is the signing for your property adequate?

Make an application

Who can apply to register or change an address?

An individual or developer building new houses, commercial or industrial premises or undertaking conversions which result in the creation of new properties or premises.

The owner of a property can add a name or register a property not previously registered.

What does it cost?
Category Charge
Property Naming/Renaming £50.00
New Individual Dwelling £100.00
Developments (more than one plot/property) £100.00 + £10.00 per plot
Changes to development layout after initial notification £10.00 per plot affected
Street renaming at residents request £150.00 + £25.00 per plot

Applications should be made by completing the relevant application form. 

Where there may be problems accurately locating the existing property, a site location plan will be required, with the property clearly marked.

For developments, a layout plan showing the road layout, plot numbers and any suggested house numbers (or names) is also required (maximum size of A3 and submitted in electronic format if possible). For developments that include flats, internal layout plans are also required. Full details of the proposal should be set out clearly in your application.

Applications for new addresses should be submitted as soon as possible after planning permission has been granted. Delays may result in difficulties with marketing and utilities.