Street Lighting

Somerset County Council Highways Authority are responsible for the maintenance of street lights on all adopted highways. An adopted highway is a road, footpath or bridleway that is maintained at public expense usually by the Highway Authority.

West Somerset Council have responsibility for street lights on unadopted highways on district council owned land, for example, car parks, parks, amenity areas.

Report a problem with a Street Light

The more information you can give the better (ie light out altogether, going on/off, burning all day, intermittent etc), include the number of the column - if you cannot see this then please state the exact location or adjacent house number.

Any faults with street lights (Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm) should be reported directly to the Fault Line (SSE Contracting Ltd) on telephone number: 0845 601 0939.
For out of hours emergency issues relating to street lights, telephone 0845 795 9639.

For more details see the Somerset County Council website.

To report a problem with lighting on West Somerset Council property contact our Customer Services Team by email or telephone 01643 703704.