Roads, Highways and Pavements

Somerset County Council websiteSomerset County Council's Highways team are responsible for adopted highways, public rights of way and much of the infrastructure on them such as street lighting, traffic signals, signs and bridges.

The prime duty of the County Council, as the Highway Authority, is to reasonably maintain and repair the highway and ensure it is kept free from obstructions.

For further information please visit the Somerset County Council website.

West Somerset Area Highways Office - Contact Details


Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal documents which allow the Police and/or local authorities to enforce various restrictions designed to control or restrict the movement or waiting of traffic on any road which is open to traffic, including public highways. Examples of these can include speed limits, parking restrictions (single and double yellow lines), weight restrictions, one way streets, no right/left turns and loading bays.

See the Somerset County Council website for a list of proposed and current orders this includes the proposed works at Washford Cross.