Recycling & Waste

Somerset Waste PartnershipSomerset Waste Partnership (SWP) manages waste and recycling services on behalf of West Somerset District Council and all local authorities in Somerset.

Waste and recycling services provided for householders in West Somerset are:


For lots more information and advice on services, reducing and reusing waste, business waste and guidance in the event of bad weather, see:


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Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) encourages waste reduction, reuse and recycling to avoid costly and wasteful landfill and to protect our environment. Somerset residents already achieve a recycling rate of over 50% and SWP is working with local communities to increase this to 60% and beyond.

Funding is provided by each local authority partner for their services, with district councils responsible for kerbside collections and the county council for recycling sites and waste disposal. SWP is governed by a joint board made up of two Councillors from each of the six partner authorities.