When is Listed Building Consent needed

You will need to apply for Listed Building Consent prior to any of the following works being undertaken:

  • Alterations, both internally and externally, which affect the character of a Listed Building
  • Extensions
  • Demolitions
  • Partial Demolitions

To summarise, all works other than minor ‘like for like’ repairs would require Listed Building Consent.

In all cases you should seek advice from the Planning Team. 

Can Listed Buildings be extended or altered?

Yes. Inclusion on the Statutory List does not necessarily prevent alteration or extension, although Listed Building Consent will also be required, in addition to normal planning permission.

It is generally possible to find satisfactory ways to make additions or alterations, with specialist and/or professional advice and guidance. This work requires great skill and care in order to conserve the historic features, character and setting of the building.

Is consent required for painting?

Yes, usually. Painting the facade of a Listed Building can be a material alteration which affects its character if it obliterates features of interest or alters the proportions or balance of the building. Examples include painting over face brickwork, timbering, lettering or other details of architectural or historic importance. In such cases, Listed Building Consent is required.

Where facades are already painted, consent may still be required where that painting changes the character of the building by using a different type of paint or colour scheme, e.g. heavy textured paint would require listed building consent. In such cases it is advisable to check with the Planning Team to confirm if consent is required.