How to apply for Listed Building Consent

Application Forms, guidance and notes on how to complete the form are available from the following applications page.

In addition to the completed form various additional documents are required, which are listed in the National/Local Requirements Validation Checklist.  One document which is always required is the Heritage Statement.

Heritage Statement

This is a written statement that includes a schedule of works to the listed building(s), an analysis of the significance of the archaeology, history and character of the building/structure, the principles of and justification for the proposed works and their impact on the special character of the listed building or structure, its setting and the setting of adjacent listed buildings.  In addition, If the site is within a conservation area the impact of the works on the conservation area should also be addressed.

Guidance can be found in Paragraph 128 of Section 12 - Conserving and Enhancing the Historic Environment - within the National Planning Policy Framework, March 2012

Please note that the application form and accompanying documentation can be submitted online or by paper form.

There is no fee for Listed Building Applications.

How long does it take to obtain Listed Building Consent?

Allow at least eight weeks when applying for Listed Building Consent. If works are urgent, you should discuss this with the Planning Team.

If the building is Grade I or Grade II*, a longer period should be allowed in order for the local planning authority to undertake the additional consultations required for these special buildings.

Are any other permissions required?

You may also need Planning Permission and/or Building Regulation Approval.

For information on Planning Permission contact the Planning Team who will be pleased to advise on your particular circumstances.

For information on Building Regulations, contact the Building Control Section. The Council has discretionary powers to relax Building Regulations where strict application would be detrimental to the character of a Listed Building.

Can I appeal against the Council’s decision?

If you receive a refusal of Listed Building Consent or consider the conditions imposed are unnecessary or unreasonable, you may appeal to the Secretary of State. Most appeals are determined by a Planning Inspector on behalf of the Secretary of State . Details of how to appeal can be found with the decision notice.

Further information can be found on the Planning Appeals page.

Please note it can take six months for an appeal to be determined.