Development in Conservation Areas

New development or the change of use of existing buildings in conservation areas is not automatically disallowed as it is important to maintain an area's social and economic functions.  However, proposals for development must contribute to the preservation or enhancement of an area's character and conserve all the main elements of architectural and historic importance. 

The Local Planning Authority will aim to retain those features, other than buildings and structures, upon which the character of a conservation area depends, including trees, hedges, walls, fences, open area, ground surfaces and historic road patterns.

Development would not be permitted if it would generate excessive traffic, car parking, noise or other adverse environmental problems.

Street scene

The character of the street scene - street furniture, overhead cables, advertising or road signs and street lighting - all contribute to and influence the character of the conservation area.

Local distinctiveness

It is important to maintain the local distinctiveness or cultural landscape of a conservation area.  The rigid application of some standards, particularly those relating to highway design such as road markings and pavements, may therefore not be allowed in a conservation area.