Demolition in Conservation Areas

Consent to demolish a building (whether listed or not) in a conservation area will not be granted unless it can be shown that that the building is wholly beyond repair, incapable of reasonable beneficial use, of inappropriate structure or design, or where its removal or replacement would benefit the appearance or character of the area.

Where demolition is to be followed by redevelopment, the Local Planning Authority will not grant approval unless there are approved detailed plans for that redevelopment and evidence that the development will be undertaken.  The Local Planning Authority may require that building materials and architectural features be salvaged for use in the redevelopment or elsewhere in the Plan area.

Consent for partial demolition of a building in a conservation area (whether listed or not) will not be granted unless it is considered that the feature to be removed is not important to the character or appearance of the area, is unreasonable to repair or consent is required to achieve some positive benefit.