Why is Planning Obligation money sometimes spent on wider community projects

This is most common on major new developments, such as large housing developments or new business parks. The reason money is spent in the wider area, and not just within the development, is because any major new development will place extra demands and impact on local areas of the community - from more people using local shops, to more customers visiting leisure centres, to more people using local parks.

When Planning Obligation money can be spent in the wider community, the council talks to parish/town councils, local groups and councillors to find out how they think the money should be spent. We do this by emailing relevant parish/town councils and organisations.

We also publish details of relevant Planning Obligation available funds on our website.  On very large projects, we may also hold public meetings and workshops and publicise these in local papers.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Angela Summers
Housing & Community Project Lead

Email:  asummers@westsomerset.gov.uk or Telephone:  01984 635318