Inspectors Report

West Somerset Local Plan Inspectors Report - May 2003

The documents on this page are made available in portable document (Adobe Acrobat PDF) format for downloading.

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Covering Letter from The Planning Inspectorate (105Kb PDF)

Main Report

Chapter 1 - Introduction (105Kb PDF)

Chapter 2 - Strategy (162Kb PDF)

Chapter 3 - Settlement Policy (272Kb PDF)

Chapter 4 - Natural and Man-Made Environment

Landscape Conservation (402Kb PDF)

Trees and Woodlands (186Kb PDF)

Nature Conservation (264Kb PDF)

The Water Environment (392Kb PDF)

The Coast (208Kb PDF)

Chapter 5 - The Built Environment (439Kb PDF)


Listed Buildings

Conservation Areas

Building Design

Chapter 6 - The Economy

Economy (118Kb PDF)

Employment (480Kb PDF)

Agriculture (155Kb PDF)

Tourism (255Kb PDF)

Shopping (125Kb PDF)

Chapter 7 - Transport (373Kb PDF)

Chapter 8 - Community

Housing (580Kb PDF)

Sport/Recreation/The Arts (428Kb PDF)

Access for the Disabled (111Kb pdf)

Pollution Control (151Kb PDF)

Telecommunications (136Kb PDF)

Electricity Service Lines (125Kb PDF)

Community Facilities and Planning Obligations (135Kb PDF)

Chapter 9 - Energy (341Kb PDF)

Chapter 10 - Settlement Inset Maps

Bicknoller (70Kb PDF)

Brushford (142Kb PDF)

Carhampton (132Kb PDF)

Crowcombe (97Kb PDF)

Dunster Marsh (257Kb PDF)

Holford (72Kb PDF)

Kilve (145Kb PDF)

Minehead (169Kb PDF)

Monksilver (104Kb PDF)

Old Cleeve (138Kb PDF)

Sampford Brett (65Kb PDF)

Stogumber (154Kb PDF)

Stogursey (113Kb PDF)

Washford (81Kb PDF)

Watchet (90Kb PDF)

West Quantoxhead (92Kb PDF)