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14 September 2016

Letter from PINS (ED68) and Final Report (ED69) with Appendix have been added to Examination page.

09 August 2016

Response Letter from The Council (ED67) and table to Inspectors Letter (ED66) has been added to Examination page.

19 July 2016

Letter (ED66) from The Inspector to Council re: Issues arising post the publication of the Main Modifications has been added to Examination page. 

18 July 2016

Public consultation for Proposed Modifications is now closed. Representations received are available via this link.

31 May 2016

Proposed Main Modifications to the West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 are being made available for a six week period of public consultation between Friday 3rd of June and Friday 15th July 2016.

12 May 2016

Update email from The Council (ED65) has been sent to Inspector today. 

10 May 2016

Response letter to Inspector from The Council (ED64) have now been added to Examination website.

06 May 2016

Email from The Inspector (ED63) have been added to Examination website.

05 May 2016

Letter from The Inspector (ED62) re: Full Council Report have now been added to Examination website.

03 May 2016
The report setting out "Proposed Soundness Modifications to the West Somerset Local Plan to 2032" to be considered at the Full Council meeting to be held on the 11th May is now available. The report is item 17 on the agenda for the meeting.

12 April 2016

Council's reply (ED60) to Inspector's email (ED59) and Inspector's email (ED61) re: Policy NH11 have been added to Examination website.

05 April 2016

Council's further response to Matter 8 (ED58) and email from The Inspector (ED59) have been added to Examination website.

22 March 2016

Statement of Common Ground between The Office for Nuclear Regulation, WSC and EDF (ED56) and Statement of Common Ground between WSC, Historic England and South West Heritage Trust (ED57) have been added to Examination website.

11 March 2016

Click here for Inspector's Opening Remarks for the hearing week commencing on 14 March 2016.

4 March 2016

Additional papers (ED46 to ED53) have been accepted in respect of Matter 6. Although they were submitted with earlier representations on the plan, Summerfield Developments Ltd also intended the Council to make them available as attachments to their representations made at Regulation 20 stage. The Inspector should therefore have received them as part of the documents at SD21/15. In these exceptional circumstances the Inspector agreed to receive them now.

3 March 2016

The 'West Somerset Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Addendum - November 2015' has now been made available as part of the list of Examination Documents on the 'Examination' page with the reference ED18a.  This document formed part of the papers for the Local Development Panel of 25th November 2015 and the Full Council of 16th December 2015 and has been available on the Council's website as such.

1 March 2016

Hearing sessions programme (ED35) with participants have now been published. See Examination website for full Agendas for each matter. 

22 February 2016

All the statements that were returned before deadline have now been added to Examination website to under Examination Documents (ED). Please note that documents prefixed other than SD, ED and EB can be found in the "West Somerset Council Examination Library" link on the right-hand side of the Examination page.

12 February 2016

Further statements have to be returned to Programme Officer no later than noon on 17 February 2016. Read Guidance Note (ED11) for more information.

02 February 2016

West Somerset Flood Group Representation (32) has been replaced from draft to original version. Read email from the Council to Programme Officer here.

29 January 2016

The Council has sent revised letter (ED10a) of the (ED10) to Inspector re: Proposed Changes.

Full Council Report (ED15), Minutes No C88 of the Full Council Meeting (ED16), Appendix 1 to LDP and FC Reports re: Policy Changes (ED17), The Summary of Additional Sites and Maps (ED18), The Additional Sites Assessment Table (ED19), Notes for Additional Sites Assessment Table (ED20) have been added to Examination page.

26 January 2016

The Inspector has sent email (ED14) to Council with Final Matters and Issues (ED13).

20 January 2016

Click here to read more about Gypsy and Traveller Policy update.

19 January 2016

Guidance Note (ED11) and Matters and Issues (ED12) have been published. Hearing sessions will commence on Monday 14th March 2016. A schedule of hearings is being issued separately.

21 December 2015

The Council sent a letter to Inspector re: Proposed Changes (ED10).

Formal hearing sessions have not yet been programmed but it is unlikely these will take place before March 2015. 

17th December 2015

West Somerset Local Plan Important Update
Members of West Somerset Council considered a Report proposing potential modifications to the West Somerset Local Plan at a meeting of Full Council on 16 December.  The Report carried forward a series of recommendations previously put forward to a meeting of the Council’s Local Development Panel which took place on Wednesday 25 November.

Many of these proposed potential wordings have been formulated to address concerns raised through duly made representations on the Plan and matters raised by the Local Plan Inspector in his initial Questions and Observations.
Whilst minutes of the Full Council Meeting are not yet agreed, Members endorsed the proposed potential wording amendments put forward by Officers.
In the case of the nine sites originally identified by Officers, members of Full Council resolved to endorse the following for consideration by the Local Plan Inspector:

  • Minehead & Exmoor Caravan and Camping Park, Minehead
  • Land adjacent to Barberton, Minehead
  • Land at the Mount, Minehead
  • Land south-west of Minehead Cemetery, Minehead
  • Land at Liddymore Farm, Watchet
  • Land south of Little Luke Farm, Stogursey

It is considered that these sites can contribute approximately 245 dwellings to the five year deliverable supply of housing sites.
West Somerset Council will therefore respectfully ask the Planning Inspector: Brian Cook to consider the proposed potential wording amendments and additional sites.  In the event that the Inspector considers these amendments appropriate to make the Local Plan ‘sound’ it will be necessary to publish them for six weeks public consultation, accompanied where appropriate, by a Sustainability Appraisal.
Formal hearing sessions have not yet been programmed for the West Somerset Local Plan but it is unlikely these will take place before March 2016.  For further details please contact the Programme Officer. 

7th December 2015

The West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 Landscape Character Assessment of Potential Strategic Locations for Development - February 2015 has been added to the list of evidence base items on the Submission webpage with the reference EB20. 

17th November 2015

The papers for the Local Development Panel meeting on 25th November are now available.  The reports address matters raised by the examining Inspector in initial correspondence.

11th November 2015

The Parsonage Farmhouse Watchet Heritage Assessment, commissioned as a result of representations from Historic England, has been added to the Submission Evidence Base page of the website.  It can also be accessed via the link above.

14th October 2015

The Inspector’s third letter (ED9) was received indicating support for the programme of work set out in the ED8 and agreeing that it should be possible for the hearing sessions to begin in March next year.

8th October 2015

The Council sent a letter (ED8) responding to the questions raised in the Inspector’s second letter.  In order to address matters raised in the Inspector’s letters, it is intended that a report will be considered by the Council’s Local Development Panel meeting on 25th November 2015.  The Council suggested in the letter that Examination hearings could perhaps be held in early March 2016.

24th September 2015

A further letter was received from the Inspector (ED7) setting out supplementary questions requiring the Council’s response. 

16th September 2015

The Council made its response (ED4) to the questions in the Inspector’s initial letter to the Council.

28th August 2015

The Inspector’s initial letter to the Council was received (ED3).  The letter set out a number of questions for the Council to respond to in order to aid the Inspector in examining the Local Plan.

12th August 2015

The Inspector’s letter in response to ED1 was received (ED2),
Following consideration of the Inspector’s response the Council decided to participate in the proposed SHMA review.

6th August 2015

The Council has written to the Inspector for advice on how to proceed following a ‘post - Local Plan submission’ approach from the Exmoor National Park Authority inviting West Somerset Council whether it wished to join in commissioning a review of the key housing evidence study (the SHMA) to take account of the 2012 Household Projections.  The Council’s letter together with its Appendix (ED1 and ED1a) can be viewed and downloaded from the Examination page.

31st July 2015

The West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 is submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for examination.

Inspector Brian Cook  BA(HONS) DIPTP MRTPI is appointed by the Secretary of State to conduct the examination to determine whether the West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 is sound.

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