Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Preparation of a SHMA for the Local Planning Authority area is a requirement set out in Paragraph 159 of the National Planning Policy Framework. The Local Planning Authorities work together in each HMA area to commission joint SHMAs.  West Somerset is covered by two overlapping HMAs, however the character of West Somerset is more closely reflected in the Northern Peninsula HMA.  Reviews of the SHMAs for the LPA areas within the Northern Peninsula HMA have been carried out by the consultants who carried out the original SHMA in 2008.  The 2013 review of the SHMA review for the West Somerset LPA area can be found in Related Documents on the right of the page.  A review of the NPHMA SHMA, taking account of the 2012 population projections, was finalised in January 2015.  This can also be downloaded from the Related Documents section on the right.

Partner Authorities in the Northern Peninsula HMA comprise:
  • Devon County Council
  • Exmoor National Park Authority
  • North Cornwall District Council
  • North Devon District Council
  • Torridge District Council
  • West Somerset Council

The authorities established a Housing Market Partnership to oversee the production of the original 2008 study. Members included representatives of the house-building industry, Registered Social Landlords and other key stakeholders having an active involvement in the housing market at the local level. The results of both of the study have now been published following public consultation.

The following SHMA and SHMA related documents are available to download from this page.

Northern Peninsula SHMA documentation:
  •  the main SHMA report,
  • an executive summary,
  • Technical appendices 1 - 3, and;
  • a Strategic Viability Assessment parts 1 and 2
The West Somerset Housing Needs Survey 2009.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment:  West Somerset Update November 2013.
  • This is an updated SHMA for West Somerset based on the Northern Peninsula SHMA published in 2008.
  • it has been prepared in response to the new requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework of March 2012.
The West Somerset Strategic Housing Viability Assessment March 2014
  • This study has been carried out to demonstrate the viability of the Key Strategic Sites in the West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 Revised Preferred Strategy, it can be downloaded from related documents on the right of the page.
The Northern Peninsula Housing Market Area Strategic Housing Market Assessment Review, January 2015.
  • This HMA-wide review was carried out to in order to take account of the publication of the 2012 population projections, it is available to download from 'related documents' on the right of the page.
  • The DCLG note concerning the forthcoming publication of the DCLG 2012 based Household Projections can be downloaded from 'related documents' on the right hand side of the page.

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