Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Potential Development Land

Landowners, organisations or developers can promote land to the Council as available for housing and / or commercial development. The Council will consider these sites and others in producing development plans for the West Somerset Local Planning Authority area and in compiling evidence on future land supply.  Details of land for consideration can be submitted at any time using the call for sites form provided here:

Call for sites form - Word version
Call for sites form - PDF version

Sites promoted for housing submitted by 31 December each year, will be considered for inclusion in the SHLAA review due to be published in March the following year.  The current SHLAA, published in March 2018, is available to download below together with its appendices:

West Somerset SHLAA 2017-2018
West Somerset SHLAA 2017-2018 - Appendices

Strategic Land Availability Assessments form a key element of the evidence base underpinning the production of the Council’s Local Plans.

The consideration of land through the SHLAA process, does not imply that it would necessarily either be allocated for development, or receive planning consent for housing should a planning application be submitted. 

Page last updated 6th April 2018