Level 2 (Detailed) Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Going into significantly more detail than the Level 1 SFRA, the Level 2 SFRA has been prepared to inform decision making over  potential development sites around Minehead (including Dunster Marsh), Watchet and Williton. Each of these settlements is likely to be involved in the provision of strategic housing land as part of the Local Plan process. They are also likely to be subject to planning applications on sites which are affected by flood risk zones 2, 3a and 3b in respect of both river flooding and coastal flooding in various different parts of the area. It also assesses the likely impact of future flood risk in the light of climate change and in particular the potential rise in sea level which may affect the District’s low lying coastal areas.

The full Level 2 SFRA documentation can be downloaded from the Related Documents section on the right.


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