Submitting a Local Land Charges Search

Searches can be submitted either manually or electronically. Currently if you wish to submit searches electronically you can use the National Land Information Service (NLIS) or T M Official Search Service. Please contact them for more details on using their simple service.  We can accept search request by email – please contact us for further details

Electronic searches are our preferred way of receiving searches. It is cheaper and saves you time and money. You also avoid the postal service that can be very inconsistent.

If you do wish to send applications by post please remember the following:

  • We require the correct application forms as per your request, that maybe all or a combination of the following: LLC1, CON29R, CON29O, forms must be sent in duplicate.
  • We require 2 copies of a good quality plan which must be suitable for identifying the property to be searched against. You must adhere to any copyright issues that may exist before sending us plans. We are obliged to report offenders to Ordnance Survey.
  • Please do not use staples in your application. They are all removed and go straight in the bin.
  • Please make sure you include a return address or email address on your application and not a DX address.
The Search Forms

There are two forms that make a full Search – the LLC1 and the Con29 Forms.  These are available from Solicitors or any legal stationers.