Hinkley Housing Projects

The Hinkley Point C Community Impact Mitigation Fund was negotiated with EDF Energy as part of a wider mitigation package for the site preparation works at Hinkley Point.

£7.2m has been made available to fund community projects that aim to promote or improve the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of local communities most affected by the development at Hinkley Point C.

Magna HousingHome Moves Plus

A service for all social housing tenants in West Somerset, looking to downsize.

If you are under-occupying your current social housing property, and would like to consider moving to a smaller one, we have a dedicated Home Moves Adviser to help you through the whole process.

Whether your children have left home, the bills are too expensive or you’re thinking about the future, there are lots of reasons you might consider a smaller home.

You can usually exchange homes with any social housing tenants (including Falcon rural, Taunton Deane Borough Council and Knightstone Housing Association) and we have tenants waiting to swap.

We can also help you downsize to another area to be closer to family, access private rented or home ownership options.

For an informal chat about your options, and if moving home is right for you, please contact Grace Goddard, Home Moves Adviser. 

Grace Goddard
Home Moves Adviser

Magna West Somerset Housing Association Limited

Direct Line:  01984 635122
E-Mail:  grace.goddard@magna.org.uk

Tenant Ready SchemeTenant Ready Scheme

The Tenant Ready Scheme (TRS) offers help, support and advice to make your move achievable, successful and sustainable. TRS is available for anyone over the age of 16.

The Tenant Ready Scheme offers an exciting range of services designed to help those looking to move in to independent accommodation.

Consisting of several elements, the scheme incorporates all relevant information that a prospective tenant needs to know, alongside assisting with the practical aspects, to make your move on achievable, successful, and sustainable.

Somerset West Lodgings SchemeSomerset West Lodgings Scheme

The Somerset West Lodging Scheme is a free service which has been developed to offer help and advice to residents in Sedgemoor and West Somerset who would like to earn an income from renting out their spare room.

  • You could earn up to £7,500 a year in tax free rental income by renting out the spare room in your home
  • We carry out thorough property inspections and give you advice on any works that are needed to reach Accreditation Standards
  • Grants are available of up to £1,000 for improvements and any essential works to get your spare room ready to let
  • Additional income can help offset any loss in housing benefit due to under occupation of your home ('Bedroom tax')
  • Lodgers agreement and inventory service with photographs
  • Room Accreditation certificate when the required standard has been reached
  • Help advertising and finding a lodger with accompanied viewings if needed
  • Advice on the latest legislation for landlords

For more information you can :

visit our website www.lodgingscheme.org 
email us  info@lodgingscheme.org  
call us  07813 599065 or 01278 726040

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