Who Can Apply?

Please visit hpcfunds.co.uk for details of this and other funds available to communities affected by the HPC development to check that you are applying to the most suitable fund.
Any community-based, not for profit organisation that operates within Somerset can apply to the HPC CIM fund. 
Parish and Town Councils and Local Authority projects are also eligible to apply.
Individuals and for-profit businesses are not able to apply for funding.
To be eligible to apply to the CIM Fund your organisation or project must meet the following criteria:
  • Be able to demonstrate social, environmental or economic impacts on your community as a result of the HPC development.
  • Be able to demonstrate that your project or initiative is relevant and related to addressing the impacts you have identified.
  • Benefit a community or communities in Somerset.
  • Be (or be working with) an organisation that is formally constituted or that has agreed terms of reference or other relevant governing document and a bank account associated with the organisation.
Your organisation or project will not be eligible to apply for funding if it:
  • Your project is more suited to another HPC Community Fund (see hpcfunds.co.uk)
  • Duplicates the work of any other project or scheme.
  • Solely or principally financially benefits an individual or a private business owner.
  • Solely or principally benefits one specific faith group or promotes a single religious or political belief.
  • Is seeking funding for a feasibility study, sponsorship, or fundraising event.
  • Is seeking funding for a project that has already been completed.
  • Discriminates against any individual or group of people.



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