Annual Review

The s106 agreement places a requirement on the Planning Obligations Board to monitor the potential effects and impacts of the Hinkley Point C Development and where appropriate to amend the funding priorities and principles in order to maximise the benefits of the CIM Fund. 

The Planning Obligations Board will consider relevant information from partners, stakeholders and the community in relation to potential and actual impacts and will review the HPC CIM Fund Distribution Strategy annually.

Annual Review:  The Planning Obligations Board carried out a review of the CIM Fund Distribution Strategy between January 2015 and June 2015.  View the updated CIM Fund Distribution Strategy 2015 – 2017.

Independent Review:  West Somerset Council established a Scrutiny Task and Finish Group in July 2015 to review the CIM Fund application process.  The results of this review were presented to West Somerset Cabinet in January 2016.  You can find the papers relating to the review in the Cabinet Agenda on pages 33 to 63.

Ongoing Review: The Planning Obligation Board reviews the principles and processes for the distribution of CIM Funding on an ongoing basis.  Evidence of this ongoing review can be found on the Minutes of the Planning Obligations Board page.


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