Contaminated Land

The Regulations (Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990) make it a duty for this Authority to identify 'land from time to time' meeting the definition and also to identify those most pressing and urgent sites first.

The Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy 2011 - 2015 sets out the Council's approach in identifying potential contaminated land. If a site is identified the responsibility for remediation will fall to the polluter or the owner of the land.

Sites of potential concern are particular areas where in the view of the Council, on the basis of the history, use and other characteristics of the land, or other information, it is possible that a pollutant linkage may exist or arise and that remediation may be needed. At some of these sites detailed information may already be available, for example where a detailed site investigation report has been prepared, or where the Council has inspected the land. However, there are other sites where detailed information is not yet available to decide whether or not remediation is needed.

There is guidance document available (under Related Documents) for developers which explains the process more fully, but should you require additional information on the above, please contact the Council.

The Council are required under section 78R(1) to maintain a Public Register of land identified as Contaminated Land.

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