Community Premises - Request to Remove DPS Requirement

Removal of Requirement for DPS in Community Premises
The 2003 Act has also been amended to allow certain community premises which have, or are applying for, a premises licence that authorises alcohol sales to remove the mandatory conditions relating to the Designated Premises Supervisor (S.19(2) & (3)) and to substitute those conditions with an alternative condition that every supply of alcohol under the premises licence must be made or authorised by the management committee.

Only a management committee of the premises can apply under this procedure and the licensing authority must be satisfied that arrangements for the management of the premises by the committee or board are sufficient to ensure the adequate supervision of the supply of alcohol on the premises.

Where a community premises already has a licence for the sale of alcohol, but wishes to include the alternative licence condition in place of the mandatory conditions, it should submit a completed form together with the relevant fee and documentation (where available) which identifies the premises and how it is managed (for instance, a copy of any hiring agreements, written constitution or other management documents). Model hire agreements are available from bodies such as ACRE and Community Matters.

Where a community premises is applying for the grant of a Premises Licence or variation to include alcohol sales, and wishes to include the alternative licence condition, the form and documentation should be included with the application for grant or variation. No additional fee is applicable other than the fee to grant or vary.

Where a community premises is applying only in respect of the alternative licence condition, a fee of £23.00 is applicable.  Application forms are available under related documents on this page or you can apply on line.

DCMS guidance is available under related documents on this page.

Further information can be obtained from the DCMS website or by contacting the Licensing Team on 01643 703704 or email