Street Parties

Street PartyDo you need any permission or licence from West Somerset Council?

West Somerset Council want to ensure street parties are enjoyed by as many people as possible and that they do not cause disruption to others and are not cancelled at the last minute due to a failure to ensure all permissions are in place.

West Somerset Council also wants to ensure that Street Parties are run in a safe and responsible way.

The key tip in organising a street party is to plan early.  Think about what you want to achieve and get in touch with us.

Organising small, private street parties should be relatively simple and generally does not include activities that need a licence, such as the sale of alcohol or food.

Generally, the street party should be:

  • For residents/neighbours only
  • Not publicised outside of the community involved
  • Self-organised by the residents/neighbours

Larger events that are open to anyone to attend or are publicised in local newspapers or similar may require a licence/road closure order.  However, if your road is a cul-de-sac or spur road that does not service another road, or is not part of the main thoroughfare of a Town or Village, then it is unlikely that you will need a Road Closure Order. However, to be sure,  you should check with West Somerset Council or your local Police for advice.

If having read this advice you feel that you do not require any specific licences or orders you should still inform us that you intend to hold a street party and give full details of the event you intend to hold.  We also need to know the approximate number of people you envisage attending.

Our Street Parties - Frequently Asked Questions (32kb pdf) may answer some of your general queries.

If it is your intention to provide a pay bar at the event then a Temporary Event Notice will be required.

You do not need any special permission to provide food at a Street Party or community event but if you engage food traders to come to your event then food hygiene legislation will apply. 

For the sale of goods (including food), then Temporary Street Trading Consent will be required.

To register your event please complete the form under related documents and return it to:

West Somerset Council, Killick Way, Williton, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 4QA or by email to:

Further advice can be obtained at