Hinkley Point C - Environmental Monitoring

Proposed New Nuclear Power Station, Hinkley Point C

The National Policy Statement for Nuclear Power Generation (NPS EN-6) has identified Hinkley Point in West Somerset as a potentially suitable site for a new nuclear power station. EDF successfully gained planning permission for Site Preparation Works (Application Number: 3/32/10/037) and have now also gained  a Development Control Order (DCO) approved by the Secretary of State (SoS) for the development of the site nuclear power station with two reactor and associated infrastructure which includes works remote from the proposed generation site both within West Somerset and Sedgemoor.

The permissions granted include many requirements some of which ensure that the local residents do not suffer excessive amounts of noise and substantially impaired air quality during these works as well as requiring the installation of monitoring equipment.

EDF in consultation with the Environmental Health Team have selected and installed noise and air quality monitoring stations at four locations around the boundary of the site. The locations are as follows:

  • Knighton Farm, Burton
  • Yellow Door Cottage, Shurton
  • Headweir House, Wick
  • Doggetts, Shurton

Further details on the monitoring requirements can be found at these webpages: