Dog Fouling

There are approximately seven million dogs in the UK.  Each day they produce nearly 1000 tonnes of dog mess and much of this is left on footpaths and playing fields.  At best it can cover shoes and clothes and at worst can lead to blindness due to an infection called 'Toxocara Canis'.

West Somerset as a whole is designated land under The Dog Control orders 2010.  This means that it is an offence for a dog owner not to clean up after their dog.

Failure to comply can result in a fixed £75.00 penalty fine or prosecution and fine up to £1000. 

It is no defence to claim ignorance of the dogs actions


To report incidents of dog fouling or to report a full or damaged dog bin, please complete the relevant online form.

There are other Control Orders in place in relation to dog's. Please see the Dog Control Order page for further information.