Carbon Management Plan

It is essential that West Somerset Council makes best use of resources through effective energy management and carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction. 
The council has worked with the Carbon Trust to produce its Carbon Management Plan.  The plan sets out the recommended actions the authority will take to cut CO2 emissions by 2015.

In March 2010, Cabinet endorsed reducing the Council's CO2 footprint by 20% by 2015.

Benefits of the plan include:

  • empowering all members and staff to take action to reduce CO2 emissions
  • enabling the council to save carbon and save costs
  • clearly understanding where energy is being used and how it can be reduced
  • leading by example and providing opportunities for the community and businesses to learn how they can also make financial savings and reduce CO2 consumption  
  • creating the opportunity to increase the council's energy resilience by producing its own heat and power through micro generation projects

West Somerset Council has already achieved a 20% reduction in our CO2 emissions.