About Council Tax


Council Tax is a charge paid by owners and occupiers of domestic properties to help pay for local services such as schools, libraries, policing and refuse collection. 

It is made up of several charges set by the following bodies:

The charge for West Somerset Council and Somerset County Council includes a contribution to the Somerset Rivers Authority.

We are responsible for billing people and collecting the Council Tax for properties in the West Somerset area.

Council Tax charges 2018-19 (11kb pdf)

Who pays Council Tax?

Usually, if you’re the owner or tenant aged 18 or over and living in the property, we will send you a Council Tax bill for your home.  If there is no-one living in a property, the owner will get the bill. 

For some properties, such as residential care homes and houses in multiple occupation, the owner will pay the Council Tax and not the person who is living there.


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