Help & Advice Using The Online Claim Form

We need a claim form and various documents to be able process your claim.

To make it easy for you, you have two choices.

At the end of the form you can choose to:

  • submit it online and make an appointment to visit us and show us your documents
  • submit online and post your documents to us

Usually your claim will start the Monday following the date we receive the online claim form in the Benefits office.

The online form asks the same questions as the paper form but takes you through just the pages that apply to you and has helpful notes about what information to fill in.

It is easier because you can save the form at any time and come back to it. When you have finished you can save or print a copy for your own records.

Before you start, you will need the following information to complete an online claim. This list is not exhaustive, it is intended as a guide only.

  • Personal details for contact - full postal address, and where applicable e-mail address, mobile phone number, and/or home telephone number
  • Details of your National Insurance Number (and your partner if applicable)

If you or your partner receive Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance (Income Based), Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related) or Guaranteed Pension Credit, you only need to submit the claim form, and if appropriate, proof of your rent liability and the income of any non dependant adults who live with you. We can do the rest for you.

In all other cases (if applicable):

  • Details of your current Earnings – payslip showing Gross, Net, Deductions, Pension contributions, how often paid
  • Details of your benefits – Child Benefit, Tax Credits, Pension Savings Credit, Jobseekers contribution based, Employment and Support Allowance contribution based, Maternity Allowance and so on
  • Details of Pensions, Occupational, Personal, War, Annuities
  • Details of any other incomes, Maintenance, Special Occupations (part-time Fire-fighters, auxiliary Coast Guards), EMA, rental incomes 
  • Student Income – showing term dates covered, grant award for current year, details of any student loans taken for current year, and details of any financial support received
  • Details of Child Care costs
  • Details of Capital, a bank statement showing – name of bank, names of account holder/s, account number and sort code, balance – for all accounts held, even if overdrawn.  Premium bonds, stocks and share.  Details of any additional properties owned – whether rented, on the market, empty or abroad
  • Details of Non-dependant incomes, as listed above
  • Details of your current rent liability and tenancy details
  • Details of a specified bank account, which any benefit entitlement can be paid.  Details required, Bank Name, Account holder/s, Sort Code and Account number

Please note if you provide personal e-mail / mobile phone details we may e-mail / text  you to request any further information required to complete your claim (unless otherwise advised by you).  This will make sure that your claim is processed and put into payment, with minimal delay.

If you prefer to make a claim over the telephone, or face to face, please call Customer Services on 01643 703704.  An appointment with a benefit advisor will be arranged, allowing you enough time to get all the required information together.
The evidence you need to supply when you have submitted your claim for benefit may be multiples of the above, but this will be clarified at the end of the online claim.  These must be the original documents Evidence Required                                                                                         

What else?

You need to complete all the sections that apply to you and your partner and other members of your household.

  • Make sure you have read the check list and have all the documents asked for. The quicker you can supply all the documents the quicker we can pay your claim.
  • Carefully check all details of the claim before checking the declaration box and submitting your claim
Further Information

If you have any questions regarding your online claim please contact Customer Services.

Telephone: 01643 703704