Online Benefits Form

From 12 October 2016, if you are working age and you need help with your rent you will need to make an online claim with the Department for Work and Pensions. This is called Universal Credit.

You can claim through the following link:

If you need to claim Council Tax Rebate you can claim through the online benefits form by selecting apply now.

Apply Now

** Please note: The online form works best using an Internet Explorer browser **

The online Housing Benefit and Council Tax Rebate claim form has been designed to be easy to fill in.

  • It will guide you as you work through it and ensure you only fill in the relevant sections to your claim.
  • Check for errors and highlight anything you have missed.
  • It will also securely transmit all your information using encryption software.

Please provide your email address on ‘Tell us who you are’ so we can send the following:

If you need to ‘Save for Later’ an email containing your unique reference number and a link to resume your claim at a later date, will be issued.  An incomplete claim will expire after 30 days.

If you fully complete and submit your claim, you will be sent a PDF copy of your submitted claim form, a summary of your claim form and a list of evidence required.  The evidence list will tell you what evidence you need to provide to support your claim.  Without this evidence we will not be able to process your claim.  You are required to provide all the supporting evidence within one month of submitting your claim, or we may have to assume you do not qualify.

If you need help in completing the claim form, please contact Customer Services on 01643 703704 for advice.