Discretionary Housing Payments

We can make extra payments for people who need extra financial assistance with their rent and Council Tax in cases where Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Rebate does not meet the full value of their rent or Council Tax.

However there is a strict legal limit on the amount of money the Authority can spend.

To get a Discretionary Housing Payment towards your rent you must be entitled to some Housing Benefit. To get a Discretionary Housing Payment towards your Council Tax you must be entitled to some Council Tax Rebate.

We can only make a Discretionary Housing Payment if we believe that the customer's circumstances warrant further financial assistance in order to meet housing costs.

These payments are entirely discretionary and each case is assessed on its individual merits. Both the personal circumstances and the finances of the customer are carefully considered.

However Discretionary Housing Payments cannot be awarded towards ineligible services or support charges and these payments are not intended to subsidise high market rents.

Any Discretionary Housing Payment awarded for eligible rental charges will be paid along with your award of Housing Benefit either to you or direct to your Landlord.

Additional Council Tax Rebate

In April 2013 we introduced an Additional Council Tax Rebate scheme (ACTR).

The scheme enables the Authority to help customers who are experiencing exceptional hardship and allow them time to find alternative solutions to shortfalls in their income.

The scheme is purely discretionary and a claimant does not have a statutory right to a payment.

Once the funds are fully spent no further applications can be considered.

Potential claimants must be entitled to Council Tax Rebate.

We will consider each application individually and use a set of income and expenditure triggers to decide if any extra help can be awarded.