Job Interview

Job ApplicationIf you are short-listed you will be asked to attend for an interview. Interviews can be a nerve wrecking experience, if you plan properly, you will feel more confident. You are bound to be asked some questions around the area you are applying to and why you would be suitable to work there - so make sure you have done your homework! 

Dependent upon the nature of the post, short-listed candidates may be asked to undertake written exercises or a relevant test or prepare and deliver a presentation as part of the interview process.

Should this be the case, you will be informed of the specific requirements in the letter inviting you to attend for interview. Interviews will usually be conducted by at least two people (more often three). At the interview, the panel will ask questions which are intended to allow you to expand on your application and to demonstrate the extent to which you meet the requirements of the post. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Interview Assessments
Professionally designed selection tests can provide an objective and relatively accurate way of assessing key skills which are difficult to measure in an interview. Techniques are available to assess a wide range of skills and aptitudes at all levels. Examples include verbal reasoning, checking skills, numerical computation, clarification, personality and behaviour assessment.

These techniques must only be used and interpreted by qualified and experienced assessors. Such techniques are best used when the job details and the person specification show that it is essential to determine that a candidate has specific abilities, aptitudes or behaviour. Other types of tests can be used to provide alternative means of assessing candidates. These can include asking for a written report, a presentation, grouped discussion exercises and in-tray exercises.

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