Comment on a Planning Application

For all applications registered by the Local Planning Authority, the description of the proposed development,  the site of the proposed development and the unique reference number of the application are:

  • Published in a Weekly List, which is available online.  This list is also printed in the local newspaper, the 'West Somerset Free Press'.
  • Included in a letter to neighbouring properties.
  • Included in a site notice which is put up on or near the site of the proposed development.
  • Included in an advertisement in the West Somerset Free Press if the application is a listed building consent, a conservation area consent, affects a listed building and/or affects a conservation area, is a major application, affects tree(s) with a Tree Preservation Order or affects a public right of way.

From the date of publication/notification representations can be made on an application for the following 21 days. These representations will be taken into account in the determination of the application.  

Anyone can comment on an application. The comments can either be in support of or against a proposal or of an informative nature without a stance being taken.

If you want to object, support or comment on a planning application you can do this online by first viewing the application and then clicking on the link for 'Make a public comment'.

Or by email to provided that the sender gives their full name and postal address.

Comments on an application can also be made in writing and dated, give the full name and postal address of the person making the comments, and clearly state the grounds on which the representation is made.  If they are non-electronic they should be signed. Anonymous representations will not be considered. Pre-printed forms or letters of representation are acceptable if they are individually signed and dated.

Petitions will be considered provided that:

  • Each page of the petition is headed with the aim of the petition
  • The name and address of those signing are provided and readable.
  • The grounds of representation are material and clearly stated.
  • The name and address of the petition co-ordinator is included.

Representations should be sent to either the case officer whose contact details will be on the neighbour letter and site notice, or can be sent to Tim Burton, Assistant Director, Planning and Environment.  The postal address is:

West Somerset House, Killick Way, Williton, Taunton, TA4 4AQ.


Please quote the reference number of the application on your representation.

Please note:  In the case of a householder application, in the event of the application going to appeal any representations made about the application will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further representations.