Medium Term Financial Plan

The annual Revenue and Capital Budgets are prepared in line with the principles and overall financial strategy set out in the Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan.

The Medium Term Financial Plan puts in place a strategy to guide the Council’s financial planning over a five year period to address the national and local challenges faced and assisting in the delivery of the Council’s corporate priorities as set out in the Corporate Strategy.

The Plan forecasts the future financial outlook for the Council based on a number of assumptions, setting out indicative Revenue and Capital Budgets including projections of service costs, funding from Council Tax, Business rates and Government Grant. It also forecasts Council Reserves and Balances.

The current Medium Term Financial Plan covers the five year period 2016/17 to 2020/21 and was approved as part of the 2016/17 Annual Budget and Council Tax Setting report in February 2016. The Plan is reviewed annually as part of the Council's budget process, and the latest draft of the Plan for 2017/18 was updated in June 2016.

Please contact the Finance Team for further information regarding the Council's budgets.

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