Who we are and what we do

This publication class provides current information about the Council as an organisation. It highlights the principles by which we operate, the structures through which we function, and gives guidance about how to access our services.

Council constitution

The council's constitution consists of a number of documents that, under the Local Government Act 2000, are required to be brought together and made available for public inspection. The articles of the constitution set out the basic principles that underlie the way the council operates.

Council democratic structure

Further information about the decision-making bodies of the council and their role.

Currently elected councillors' information and contact details

Information about our Elected Members and their responsibilities.

Most recent election results

The results of the most recent Council elections held within the District, also providing information on candidates, turnout and size of the electorate in each Ward.

Staff structure

Structure charts providing information about the Council's services, including an overview of key responsibilities, the names of key managers, and an outline of the staffing structure.

Location and opening times of council properties

Maps, contact details and information about how to access Council buildings.

Contact details for all customer-facing departments

Information on how you can contact each of our services and the Council's Customer Services department.