Impact Assessments

Impact Assessments help us analyse the effects of our policies, practices and decision making on our customers and employees.

Why are we doing them?

An Impact Assessment is not just a form or a tick box exercise. It is an opportunity to do things better. They can help us to improve the understanding of our customers, local communities and their needs and so help us make informed decisions about service delivery.

As part of the process we will:

  • Look at ways in which we can improve the service we provide
  • Avoid or reduce negative impacts by making small changes earlier in the process, and flagging up issues that would be expensive to fix later
  • Integrate equality and diversity considerations into the everyday business of the Council
  • Improve access to our services and ensure we provide good customer service
In order to access Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs), open the Council meetings calendar, hover above the date you require and click on the meeting which will appear to the left of the date in order to select the meeting and EIA you require.