LEADER Information

The Western Somerset LEADER Local Development Strategy for 2015-2020 was developed, following consultation, to build and capitalise on the opportunities for growth resulting from the previous Local Action Programme. The focus of the this programme will be on economic growth and sustainability, protecting and enhancing the environment and building on local distinctiveness.

The Western Somerset LAG submitted a bid for the 2014-2020 LEADER programme and was successful in securing a further £1.484m to support rural economic growth and job creation in the area.

The Programme is now open for bidding from individuals, businesses and communities.  The amount of funding is dependent on the type of project and the size of the business. Grant requests can be between £2,500 and £100,000 and will typically be limited to 40% of the overall project cost. However, certain projects may get higher rates.

There are 7 local priorities that would need to be reflected in applications, these are: Forestry & Farming, Young People, Food & Drink, Heritage, Creative Industries and Tourism.

The Programme Handbook and Local Development Strategy are available on the Western Somerset LEADER website http://western.somersetleader.org.uk/