Having difficulty paying your Business Rates bill?

 If you have any difficulty paying your Business Rates by the due dates, please contact us immediately on 01643 703704.  We are happy to discuss the situation and agree a realistic payment plan with you, and help you prevent arrears building up and increasing the debt. If legal action commences, you may end up having to pay a lot more.

We can also offer you advice on any exemptions/reductions or reliefs you may not know about.

If you cannot pay the full monthly instalment at least pay something on a regular basis. It is in your interest to reduce the amount you owe and stop arrears accruing. Your Business Rates is not a "one-off" bill and ideally your account should be paid in full by the 31st March each year.

Whilst it will not stop recovery action it will be looked at more favourably if you have made an effort to make payments.

If you are struggling with your payments or other financial commitments, and would like free and impartial advice, you could also contact the following organisation just call 01643 704624 or www.westsomersetadvice.org.uk